New Design

This is the new GUI that I have been working on for the character interaction.

(The left side is completely my design, a fact that I’m pretty proud of – since I’m not a graphics artist!)

Today then I tried to position the 3d part of the menu so that it looks nice. This is how it went for most of the day:

Tweaking some rotation or position value by 2 pixels

Waiting 1 min for the menu to compile

Waiting 1 min for the copying of the menu to the right folder + starting the game

Waiting 3 mins till the loading has finished

Hovering above the Start Event Button until the framerate is back to normal

Waiting 30 sec until the characters have been loaded and moved to their spot

selecting one character, trying to select the other character

have the 3d menu pop open and deciding that maybe 2 pixel was too much

Going back to the 3d menu to tweak the rotation and position just 1 pixel

Waiting 1 min for the menu to compile



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