Jane Austen Games Team

Programming: Ulli

Having to her amazement discovered that there are no, absolutly no Jane Austen games to be found anywhere, she decided to try and make her own. Having explained to her designing husband that there was absolutly nothing more important than having a period game she embarked on a long journey of learning the frustrating basics of game programming. Almost two years later she created her first Jane Austen Game: Jane Austen Solitaire. It would be the beginning of something wonderful ...

  • Favourite Book: Northanger Abbey
  • Favourite Movie/Tv-Series: Emma (2009)
  • Favourite Heroine: Emma
  • Favourite Hero: Captain Wentworth
  • Favourite Supporting Character: Isabella, Mrs.Allen
  • Favourite Mr.Darcy-Actor (uh-oh): Matthew MacFayden

Graphics: David

Having worked for a game programming company for a couple of years he soon learned that there is little fun in accomplishing other people's projects. Being a passionate computer games player himself he noticed that there are a lot of games yet to be made with themes that bigger companies don't dare approach. He then made a deal with his wife constituting that (for the beginning) they would make two games - one favourite game for each. He's now eagerly waiting his turn to start his viking-exploration-game Viking Voyage... (And he's still wondering how Mr.Darcy does it ...)

  • Favourite Book: not read any (ts, ts)
  • Favourite Movie/Tv-Series: Northanger Abbey (2007)
  • Favourite Heroine: Emma
  • Favourite Hero: Mr.Darcy
  • Favourite Supporting Character: Mr.Collins
  • Favourite Mr.Darcy-Actor: Colin Firth (Has finally seen Pride & Prejudice (1995)!)

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