Regency Dress Up Bugs

  1. So in the past days we have had several pictures of ladies with a black screen in front of them. This 3D stuff in the flash player is fairly new and so is the engine we are developing with (still in beta). We are figuring that some older computers might not take it so well (older than 2006) or that flash might not respond well to some graphic boards! (We know that the Geforce 9300 GE produces hands with black palms.) If you experience any kind of strange bug that other users seem not to have (as evidenced in the screenshots), please let us know your OS, browser and graphic boards id in the comments! We cannot file these bugs to Adobe without that.
  2. Then we seem to have dress up room screenshots that are too big for their frame. (Any clue as to how that happens would be welcome, I have not been able to reproduce it.)
  3. Hair is seen through both hats. (I’m on it.)
  4. Both hats can be put on at the same time.
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