What has been going on …

So I haven’t been heard of for a while and thought I would share what has been going on behind the scenes the last weeks. Not much to be glad about I’m afraid, but there is some at least.

So my new game design document is coming along slowly. Did I say that that’s not really my forte? I’m not enjoying it either to be honest. But we are getting there. I have a lovely new UI for the event that highlites the new game structure and that I would have loved to show you – except that it is empty as of yet, because I have not finished my game design homework, lazy and somewhat unmotivated that I am. But I’ll post it soon, I guess.

The bad news is that I have been working on my boyfriends project the last month. Because guess what: he got people to pay him money for it! This is it btw if you are interested: http://www.starshipcorporation.com/. As you can see we got it crowd funded to level two and it’s not even over yet! That got me thinking again about doing the same thing for Party. It would have to be kickstarter though, because let’s face it: not that many people who want to have this game, so we cannot have it run on a crowdfunding platform that nobody has heard of. (Sorry indiegogo, I’m sure your time will come …)

The problem with kickstarter up to now was that you had to have a US bank account. Which we did not have because we are German! Yeah. But apparently kickstarter is going Europe. First UK, then hopefully the rest of us. Which means not very long now before we’ll be able to start our own campaign!

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