Jane Austen’s Party and Matchmaker Road-map

Making a game like Matchmaker is a huge piece of work. As you might have noticed there have been few updates in the past month (also due to the fact that I and David have been working full-time on other projects) and we are far away from completing this task in any playable form. So in December 2011 we made the decision to split the game into smaller components that could be standalone games and that we could release ahead of Matchmaker.

Party is to be the first of these games. It will concentrate on the party hosting aspect of Matchmaker. There will be adjustments to the game so that it actually can be a standalone game and does not need the Matchmaker wrapper. This might mean that it will end up in a slightly different form in Matchmaker itself.

We plan to have a first demo release in July 2012. After that we will try to raise money to fully flesh out the game with different kind of locations, items, guests and missions. If you want to help actualize this project please spread the word and share the content that we provide.

If you have any wishes or suggestions for the game or for its promotion please feel free to drop us a line either below in the comments or via this contact form.

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